Cop Rescues Abused Kid, Then Adopts Him And His Sister

When Officer Jody Thompson with the Porteau Police Department in Oklahoma went to help out on a child abuse case, he had no idea it would change his life forever. He found a severely abused eight year old boy named John and decided then and there he wanted to take care of him for the rest of his life.

So Thompson and his wife became foster parents for John and brought him home to live with their two children. Then they found out they were pregnant with another baby and their family grew again. They also learned John’s biological mother had given birth to a baby girl while she was in jail and they adopted both siblings.

Life is so much better for John now and their large family has helped him thrive and become a happy, straight A student. "We went through something bad, but we're not going to let it define who we are. We're not going to let this hold us back," says Thompson. "Always have compassion, you never know what you're going to walk into."

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