MLB Umpire Keeps Woman From Jumping Off Bridge


As Major League Baseball umpire John Tumpane was on his way to work the series between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Tampa Bay Rays, he saved the life of a woman who was too close to the edge of a bridge. He saw her hopping over the rail of the Roberto Clemente Bridge and even though she said she just wanted a better view of the Allegheny River below, he wasn’t so sure.

So the umpire grabbed her arm and secured her and then another bystander helped hold her other arm. A Rays employee held onto her legs and someone called 911. They kept the woman safe until emergency workers arrived.

“It was just pure instinct,” Tumpane says. “At times she wanted to go the other way. I was like ‘Not on my watch, please.’ This was an unbelievable day and I’m glad to say she can have another day with us and I’m glad I was in the right place at the right time.”

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