Dad With ALS Keeps Promise At Son’s Military Graduation

Dad With ALS Keeps Promise At Son’s Military Graduation              

Frankie Sanchez has ALS, a progressive disorder that affects nerve and muscle function and the average survival time after diagnosis is just three years. So when his son, Frankie Jr., joined the Air Force, this proud dad was determined to be at his basic training graduation to “tap out” his son - a military tradition where the grads stand at attention until someone “taps them out” to release them.

Frankie is a retired Army vet himself and he served for more than 22 years, so he really wanted to be able to get out of his wheelchair to do the honors for his son. And after a trip to the ER the night before, he almost didn’t make it in time. 

But the proud dad was able to stand, walk, and do the “tap out” for Frankie Jr. "My father has been and will always be my best friend and right-hand man," the grad explains. "I can always count on him for anything. To see that man get up out of his wheelchair and walk on his own two inadequate legs was beyond honorable."

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