I recently read where Shania's 2 year residency in Las Vegas was coming to an end. It got me to thinking.

I was at WESC before Shania was Shania.  Ashamed to admit....I was at WESC before George Strait was George Strait.  My age is not the point.

Like it or not, Shania gave Country Music a lot of attention early.  Perhaps she was big around your house in the 90's. She didn't get many "props" before touring because many thought she was manufactured in a studio, but when she came to our arena...back then the Bi-Lo Center, she involved a local choir and was well received. It was a big event....almost as big as when the Dixie Chicks played the arena.

She was recently voted Vegas's favorite act.  You and me can argue all day about what Country Music is...,but Shania was an era in many people's lives.  I think her music is deeper than the song you hear on the radio.  Like it or not, there are adults today....that saw her when they were kids....and still love her songs.