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The Henningsens' Brian Henningsen is dealing with a burglary. 

The country singer shared his anger over the break-in on Facebook, using such terms as "low life" and "miscreant" to describe the thief.  He says a number of things were taken, but he's particularly upset about losing his first Martin guitar. 

Brian explains that they "were poor back then," when his wife Debby "scrimped and saved to buy it and surprise" him with it one year at Christmas.  He adds that Debby is an example of "how human beings live," explaining that "they work hard and earn their own money" while "scum sucking misanthropes steal and live off of other people's work." 

Henningsen is also sending out a warning to the burglar, promising to "fix you good" if "you ever come back here."  Brian accompanies his post with a photograph of a ransacked room. 

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